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Fidcom / FAQ

Where are you from?

We are from Russian Federation.

Why do you think you can mine more effectively than I do?

Because we have a premise in the territory of a chemical plant with very cheap electricity. We are able to maintain a large number of equipment and quickly respond to extraordinary situations by a small amount of personnel. Also in Russia there is a cold climate, so there is no need for additional costs for cooling equipment.

Why do you think that you can manage a portfolio of cryptocurrency better than I am?

Because our team of professional traders with many years of experience in trading on the American stock market and the crypto currency market does it professionally. You do not have to watch the market constantly, for you it will be done by professionals.

What do you mean by investments in the most perspective startups in blockchain technology.

Our team of analysts will thoroughly examine all perspective ICO from a technological point of view and the likelihood of potential scam. And only then, based on this analysis, investments will be made in the most promising projects.

Why do you choose to create your own crypto stock exchange as one of the activities?

Firstly, we expect soft regulation of cryptocurrency sphere by the Russian government. This means that a large capital will be interested in the given assets.

Secondly, we believe that in the world of crypto exchanges there is still enough room for competition, especially in the post-Soviet space.

What do you mean by payment services?

If the cryptocurrency in Russia gets legal status, people will benefit from a convenient tool for using cryptocurrency in everyday transactions. It’s a huge market.

What is the gateway between conventional money and cryptocurrencies?

At the moment, when buying a cryptocurrency in Russia, the commission is up to 30%. These exchanges work in manual mode. Cheaper and faster service is needed.

What do you mean by decentralized company?

The ‘decentralized’ means that the company is managed by the community (asset holders). All members of the community have a voting right in decision making on the company’s strategic development.

How will investors get profit from the company’s activity?

In longevity, FIDC tokens will raise in price.

We commit to direct 50% of profit to buy back Fidcom tokens. We will direct remaining 50% of profit to company development. Hence company’s asset value will constantly grow, but the number of tokens will constantly decrease. The price of tokens calculated on the basis of the company’s asset value divided by a number of tokens in free circulation. Accordingly, the price of the token will grow – you could hold them for future or sell whenever you want( on exchanges or through Fidcom buyback mechanizm).

Why can I trust you?

Because we are a completely open team, all our data is public. We value our reputation and look forward to a long cooperation with our investors.

Why do you think that your company will be profitable?

Because the team of Fidcom company composed of professionals from different areas and we have several successful businesses in various spheres. We see the great opportunities in this new emerging industry and want to build a successful company jointly with our investors.